The Battle of Words: Asian Nations Clash over Taylor Swift’s Exclusive Singapore Concerts

Asian countries in war of words over Taylor Swift's Singapore-only shows | — Australia's leading news site

Taylor Swift was awarded a generous sponsorship by the Singapore Tourism Board to showcase her Eras Tour in the affluent republic.

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The American singer, aged 34, started her series of six shows at the National Stadium in Singapore on March 2. This is her sole performance in South-East Asia, a region with a combined population of approximately 666 million spread across 11 countries.

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Swift’s choice to exclusively perform in Singapore, known as one of the wealthiest nations globally, sparked a strong reaction from Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. He recently claimed that Singapore paid Swift a hefty sum of up to $4.6 million per show to secure her presence solely in their country, a fact he only became aware of after the agreement was already in place.

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