“Katy Perry’s Enchanting Lavender Locks and Show-Stopping Grammys Performance, as Taylor Swift Reveals Best New Artist Winner”

Katy Perry stole the show at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles with her stunning crystal cocktail dress, which had a chic backless design. Her stylist, Johnny Wujek, handpicked the belted beaded Zuhair Murad midi dress that perfectly accentuated the pop icon’s style. Perry paired the dress with silver Sophia Webster stilettos and dazzling chandelier earrings, completing the look flawlessly. Her vibrant wavy purple bob hairstyle and carefully coordinated manicure and pedicure added to her bold and fashionable appearance. Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne couldn’t help but gush over Perry’s incredible ensemble and accessories. For those interested in learning more about this unforgettable fashion moment, check out the video below.

Back it up! Katy Perry went backless in a crystal cocktail dress at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday

Katy Perry stole the show at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles with her dazzling wardrobe choice. Clad in a crystal cocktail dress featuring a striking backless design, Perry definitely left a lasting impression on the audience. Despite being nominated for 13 Grammys, Perry once again walked away empty-handed this year, failing to win in two categories. Undeterred, Perry took to social media to express her excitement to her massive fan base of 68.4 million followers, announcing that she would be performing her heartfelt song “By the Grace of God” from her album Prism. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, Perry’s longtime rival, also made a fashion statement at the prestigious event. Swift looked elegant in a beautiful teal Elie Saab high-low gown as she appeared on stage to present the Best New Artist award.

Sparkling with exquisite gemstones: Fashion guru Johnny Wujek decked out the iconic pop star, who is marking three decades in the entertainment world, in a stunning Zuhair Murad dress. The gown, featuring intricate bead detailing and a perfectly fitted waist, was an absolute standout. Paired with metallic high heels and eye-catching dangling earrings, this elegant dress captivated everyone who laid eyes on it.

Purple-hued 'do: Giving Fashion Police's Kelly Osbourne a double take, the Roar hitmaker rocked a wavy purple bob and matching mani-pedi on the red carpet

Kelly Osbourne, a host on the hit show Fashion Police, caused a stir with her unique hairstyle that was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. But she wasn’t the only one turning heads. Singer Katy Perry also made a bold statement with her beautiful wavy purple bob as she confidently walked the red carpet. What really made her stand out was the little details – her perfectly matched purple manicure and pedicure added to her already glamorous look.

Sad face: Katy - who lost for best pop duo and best pop vocal album - has been nominated a total 13 times and has yet to win

Katy’s loyal fans were left feeling disappointed when she didn’t win the coveted awards for Best Pop Duo and Best Pop Vocal Album. Despite being nominated an impressive 13 times, victory eluded her in these specific categories, much to their dismay.

Measuring up? Perry and Grammy nominee Miley Cyrus goofed around by cupping each other's assets behind the scenes

Measuring up? Perry and Grammy nominee Miley Cyrus goofed around by cupping each other's assets behind the scenes

Have you ever seen the playful antics of Perry and Miley Cyrus? These well-known figures were caught on camera slyly touching each other’s things backstage.

Gal pals: The This is How We Do singer bumped into fellow nominee Nicki Minaj taking the plunge in a black form-fitting Tom Ford gown

Friends: During the event, the singer known for the popular song “This is How We Do” had a pleasant surprise meeting with her friend and fellow nominee Nicki Minaj. The most impressive part was seeing Nicki looking fabulous in a beautiful black Tom Ford dress that accentuated her curves.

Hey girl! Grammy nominee Rihanna looked besotted with the newly lavender-tressed beauty as they chatted it up during a commercial break

Hey girl! Grammy nominee Rihanna looked besotted with the newly lavender-tressed beauty as they chatted it up during a commercial break

Hey there! Rihanna was totally impressed by the gorgeous girl who just dyed her hair a stunning shade of lavender. The two of them had a great chat during a quick break.

Why didn't I think of that? Katy looked impressed with Riri's pink manicure and massively poofy Giambattista Valli gown

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Katy was completely amazed by how perfect Riri’s pink manicured nails looked with her breathtaking Giambattista Valli dress.

Announcement: Perry - born Katheryn Hudson - tweeted her 68.4M followers that she'll be performing her 'most personal' song off Prism, By the Grace of God

Perry, also known by her real name Katheryn Hudson, recently surprised her fans by announcing on Twitter that she would be performing her emotional song “By the Grace of God” from her album Prism. The performance took place at the energetic Staples Center, where fellow artist Taylor Swift was seen in the front row not too far from Katy. Despite Taylor being nominated for several prestigious awards such as Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Pop Solo Performance, her hit single “Shake It Off” unfortunately did not win any of them. The ongoing speculation about a feud between these two pop stars came to a head last September when Taylor hinted at having a rival in the music industry during an interview with Rolling Stone, although she did not disclose who it was.

Caped crusader: Later, Katy kept fans guessing about her hair colour by rocking middle-parted raven locks onstage while performing By The Grace of God

Katy Perry thrilled her audience by teasing them with the color of her hair as she sang “By The Grace of God.” With a chic middle part and a deep, dark shade, she rocked a superhero-esque look that left everyone intrigued.

Domestic violence anthem? A back-up dancer swaying behind a screen pretended to be Perry's shadow as she belted the emotional ballad originally penned about her 2012 divorce from Russell Brand

Could this be the new anthem shedding light on domestic violence? Katy Perry’s mesmerizing performance included a backup dancer who mimicked her every move as she soulfully sang the emotional ballad. Originally written to reflect her personal journey through the end of her marriage to Russell Brand in 2012, the dancer’s captivating choreography was cleverly displayed on a screen behind Perry, creating a mesmerizing shadow play that enhanced the overall intensity of the performance.

Serious style: Wujek walked closely behind the Double Rainbow belter backstage after her stirring performance, which featured somber intros from President Obama and domestic abuse activist Brooke Axtell

In a casual manner, Wujek nonchalantly strolled backstage following the emotional performance by the Double Rainbow singer. The crowd was then captivated by powerful speeches from President Obama and activist Brooke Axtell, bringing attention to the serious issue of domestic violence.

Roar! Sam Smith looked like he had something to get off his chest to his pop star pal

Sam Smith appeared to be holding a thrilling piece of news that he couldn’t wait to share with his pop star friend, his excitement palpable and contagious.

Networking: The award-winning stars were happy to pose with Lucian Grainge - the chairman and chief executive officer of Universal Music Group

Rubbing shoulders with well-known figures: The respected celebrities were ecstatic to have the opportunity to take snapshots with Lucian Grainge, the head honcho at Universal Music Group.

Well done! Katy was seen congratulating Beck on his impressive win

Great job! Katy was praising Beck for his impressive victory.

Dazzling: The singer looked incredible in her revealing ensemble 

The singer looked stunning in her edgy outfit. Afterward, Katy tweeted about the iconic movie Mean Girls, warning people about fake kindness. The feud between the two stars seemingly started when three of Swift’s backup dancers left her tour to work with Perry instead. Additionally, both singers have dated John Mayer in the past, who is now back with Perry.

Up for three Grammys: Meanwhile, her longtime rival Taylor Swift - who's presenting Best New Artist - bared her long legs in a teal Elie Saab high-low gown

Singer X has received nods for three Grammy Awards, while Taylor Swift was in the spotlight at the event as she presented the Best New Artist award in a stunning turquoise Elie Saab gown that accentuated her elegant long legs.

Peacocking: Taylor was seated in the front row, not far from her frenemy Katy in the packed Staples Center

As Taylor settled into her seat at the front row of the Staples Center, her gaze landed on Katy, who was casually nearby in the buzzing crowd, reminding her of their complex relationship.

Sad face: The 25-year-old blonde's hit song Shake It Off lost for record of the year, song of the year, and pop solo performance 

Regrettably, the budding singer with golden hair didn’t clinch any wins in the record of the year, song of the year, and pop solo performance sections with her popular track “Shake It Off.” As a result, she was feeling a bit disappointed.

The way they were: According to TMZ, their 'Bad Blood' stemmed from three of Swift's back-up dancers quitting her Red Tour in 2014 to join Perry's Prismatic World Tour

Their past history together: Back in September of the prior year, Taylor brought up an unknown pop star during an interview with Rolling Stone, hinting at some unresolved issues between them. Despite the tension, she chose to keep the other person’s identity under wraps.

'She did something so horrible': According to TMZ, their 'Bad Blood' stemmed from three of Swift's back-up dancers quitting her Red Tour in 2014 to join Perry's Prismatic World Tour (pictured in 2011)

There seems to be some tension building between Taylor Swift and John Mayer. It has been revealed that three of Swift’s talented backup dancers left her tour to work with Katy Perry, which could be causing some friction. However, Mayer was seen entering the Staples Center alone recently. On The Late Late Show, he jokingly mentioned that Swift might be avoiding him at the Grammys, where he will be performing.

Backstage at the Super Bowl: It's unclear whether Perry and Mayer broke things off over their seven-year age difference, clashing schedules, or some other unknown drama

Exposing the behind-the-scenes happenings of the Super Bowl, it’s no secret that the popular pop divas have a history with their ex, John Mayer. Rumors are floating around that the famous California girl has reignited her relationship with the gifted singer-songwriter.

'You can see me at the Grammy Awards doing what I do best. Being avoided by Taylor Swift!' However, the womanising 37-year-old was seen entering the Staples Center solo

Although I may not be Taylor Swift’s favorite person, I am thrilled to share that I will be performing at the upcoming Grammy Awards. Despite rumors about me being a womanizer, I earned my spot at the Staples Center all by myself. The success of my performance at Super Bowl XLIX, which was watched by a record-breaking 114.4 million viewers, brings me great happiness. I am now gearing up for my next show at the Palau Saint Jordi in Barcelona, Spain on February 16 as part of my captivating Prismatic World Tour, with Charli XCX joining as the opening act. Save the date for the premiere of my pre-recorded Prismatic World Tour special on EPIX on March 28. Make sure to catch the Grammys on UK TV on Monday, February 9th at 9pm on the 4Music channel (Freeview 18, Sky 360, and Virgin 330).

A record-breaking 114.4M tuned into her Super Bowl XLIX performance: Perry - born Katheryn Hudson - was also crowned the top-earning celebrity on the planet after Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Excited: Katy Perry is still basking in the glory of her incredible Super Bowl XLIX performance. The show was a huge hit, drawing in a remarkable 114.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched halftime show ever.

Back on the road: The Dark Horse diva will next take her Prismatic World Tour to Spain's Palau Saint Jordi in Barcelona on February 16 alongside opener Charli XCX

Get ready for an unforgettable night as the amazing Dark Horse sensation is back from her break and gearing up to embark on another incredible journey! Join her as she kicks off her highly acclaimed Prismatic Tour at the stunning Palau Saint Jordi in the lively city of Barcelona, Spain on February 16th. And that’s not all – the talented Charli XCX will be there to kick things off as the opening act. Don’t miss out on this thrilling evening packed with dazzling music and unforgettable performances that will leave you wanting more!

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