“Why Scarlett Johansson Chose to Wear a Nazi Uniform and Refused to Don Tennis Whites: An Inside Look”

At first, the performer had strong negative feelings towards both suggestions. However, she ultimately decided to don the outfit resembling a Nazi uniform, while completely turning down the notion of dressing up in tennis attire. It’s kind of quirky, isn’t it?

Scarlett Johansson has had quite the diverse career, donning various outfits that have ranged from the Black Widow’s revealing ensemble in the Avengers to a vintage German housewife’s attire. Regardless of what she wore, the actress looked stunning in every single one of them. However, there was one costume that she was not too thrilled about wearing, and that was a Nazi uniform for a film role.
On the other hand, working on Frank Miller’s neo-noir movie, The Spirit, was like a dream come true for Johansson. Being a massive fan of Miller’s work, the actress was ecstatic about the opportunity to collaborate with the famous writer.

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The actress had one major concern about her role – she had to wear a Nazi costume. Being of Jewish descent, this made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable. She admitted feeling squeamish when she first put it on, as wearing a swastika armband was not something she ever expected to do. The experience of putting on the costume was bizarre for her, and she even joked that her grandfather must be rolling over in his grave. Scarlett shared her thoughts about her role in The Spirit during an interview.

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Although there were conflicting emotions involved, the actress ultimately wore the uniform to benefit the movie. However, her previous act of defiance in refusing to wear tennis whites in Captain America: The Winter Soldier appears contradictory. Johansson addressed this discrepancy and clarified her rationale by describing how her character, Natasha Romanoff, was originally supposed to arrive on set in a blonde wig and tennis attire before driving up in a sleek car to meet Captain America.

The Spirit (2008)

Scarlett Johansson shut down the idea of wearing a tennis outfit for her character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She argued that while wearing a Nazi uniform made sense for her role in The Spirit, there was no deeper meaning behind the sexualized tennis attire. Johansson believes that if the Nazi costume had no relevance to her character in The Spirit, she would have refused to wear it as well.

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