Wembanyama gives his reasons for missing the World Cup: It’s too big a risk

Won’t play for France in the tournament

Victor Wembanyama, the number one pick in the 2023 NBA draft and new star of the San Antonio Spurs, has spoken to the media about his first days as an NBA player and his absence from the French national team for the World Cup this summer.

When French coach Vincent Collet revealed the list of the 12 players who will represent France at the World Cup, it was surprising to many that Wembanyama‘s name was not included, but the new Spurs star has his reasons.

“I had a long season with the Mets 92 and I’m going to have a long season with the Spurs,” he told told reporters after a Spurs practice.

“And there’s the Olympics after that. I just think that more than two years without rest is too big of a risk.

“There are big events coming up like the Olympics, that I really don’t want to miss.

“To be able to be available for the French national team the next years, I feel I need to miss this one.

“It’s really hard because, for me, my career is going to be as much with the franchise as with the national team. There are titles to win with both.

“Missing the national team is like missing a season with the Spurs. It’s crazy, you know.”

Victor Wembanyama on the NBA media circus

What the Nanterre native has been able to experience is the media circus of being in the NBA.

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