“Wembanyama Encounters Two Memorable ‘Welcome to the NBA’ Instances in Summer League Premiere”

In a recent NBA Summer League game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Charlotte Hornets, Victor Wembanyama, the 19-year-old newcomer for the Spurs, made his debut on Friday night in Las Vegas. While he struggled on the offensive end, his defense showed promise, with his aggressive play on the glass resulting in a tough moment when Kai Jones from the Hornets posterized him in the third quarter. Unfortunately, despite Brandon Miller taking over for the Hornets, it wasn’t enough to secure a victory against the Spurs.

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Wembanyama shared an incident involving Britney Spears where she grabbed his arm, but he remained unfazed and continued to play his game. Despite shooting poorly, he finished with five blocks, eight rebounds, three assists, and four free throws made. However, in the same game, Brandon Miller stole the spotlight in the fourth quarter and even gave Wembanyama another “welcome to the NBA moment” by crossing him over and drawing a foul. Wembanyama was confused by the call as he believed there was contact to his face. The Spurs are playing against the Portland Trail Blazers soon and will be keeping an eye on Scoot Henderson’s injury.

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