“Victor Wembanyama’s Low-Key NBA Offseason Plans Following Britney Spears Fiasco”

Recently, Victor Wembanyama, the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft, has opted to maintain a low profile following his controversial encounter with pop icon Britney Spears in Las Vegas. This comes after a busy month for the 19-year-old French star, which began with his selection by the San Antonio Spurs in June and his NBA debut during Summer League games over the weekend. Wembanyama stated that he wishes to focus on his basketball career and avoid any distractions from the media, expressing his disinterest in the past month’s non-stop schedule. “I just wanna hoop,” he said via Tomer Azarly, according to Sports Illustrated.

The investigation into the altercation between Britney Spears and a member of the San Antonio Spurs’ security team has concluded, with no charges being filed against anyone involved. Spears claimed she was slapped by Wembanyama’s team, but a video shows her tapping the basketball player on the back before the security guard’s arm swings out and a slap noise is heard. According to a redacted police report, the security guard pushed Spears’ hand away with enough force to cause her sunglasses to fall off. Wembanyama described the incident as “no big deal” and was surprised to learn that it was Britney Spears who was involved.

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