“Venice Film Festival Welcomes Scarlett Johansson with Unpleasant Experience”

During the Venice film festival, Scarlett Johansson experienced an unpleasant reception.

The Venice film festivals have a reputation for giving movie premieres long-standing ovations. However, Scarlett Johansson had a different experience when her film was booed at the oldest film festival in 2013. After the event, artistic director Alberto Barbera revealed that the hooting from attendees almost made her cry. Despite this negative reception, he tried to reassure her that the film would be recognized in time, which is exactly what happened. The following year, Scarlett responded to the hostile reception by saying that she felt exposed and shocked by the cheering and booing that occurred. Her director, Jonathan Glazer, was thrilled with the audience’s reaction, but Scarlett found it strange and unusual. The movie, Under the Skin, is now considered a cult classic and was directed by Glazer, featuring Scarlett as an alien trying to make inroads into Scottish society while targeting Scottish men.

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