The Unique Bond Between Angelina Jolie and Her Adopted Son Maddox

Sarath Mounh, Angelina Jolie’s former trusted associate in Cambodia, sheds light on why she picked Maddox out of numerous orphaned babies in the country and helped her adopt him as her son. Maddox celebrated his 20th birthday on August 5, and Sarath is pleased with how he has grown up.

Angelina's former right-hand man in Cambodia explained why she chose to adopt son Maddox

The former assistant of Angelina in Cambodia disclosed the reasons behind her decision to adopt her son Maddox.

Sarath Mounh said he's 'proud' of how Maddox has turned out

According to Sarath Mounh, he feels a sense of pride regarding Maddox’s development. Chris White captured this sentiment in a photo.

The star's oldest son recently turned 20

The oldest son of the famous actress recently celebrated his 20th birthday. Back in 2002, Jolie faced difficulties with the adoption process due to red tape and sought the assistance of Mounh to act as Maddox’s father on the legal documents. Maddox was also added to Mounh’s family records, which helped Jolie overcome the legal problems she faced as a foreigner adopting a child from Cambodia. Mounh explained why Jolie wanted to adopt from Cambodia, citing her love for the country after filming Tomb Raider there in 2000. When asked why she specifically chose Maddox, Mounh shared that Jolie wanted to be a mother to a child who desperately needed good care. She was drawn to Maddox’s smiley face and cheerful disposition when she visited the orphanage.

Inside Angelina Jolie's reasoning behind adopting son Maddox in Cambodia  out of hundreds of orphaned babies | The US Sun

Mounh has no regrets about helping Angelina adopt Maddox and become his legal father. The two became friends after working together on conservation issues through their respective non-profit organizations. Mounh helped with the legal issues surrounding the adoption and signed a legal document allowing Angelina to adopt Maddox from him. He hopes that Maddox will always remember his Cambodian heritage and culture, and that he will be able to make a positive contribution to his community. Recently, there has been a documentary released exploring the truth behind adoptions in Cambodia in the late 90s/early 2000s, which has brought attention to Maddox’s adoption. Mounh does not know if Maddox’s birth parents are still alive.

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