Taylor Swift Reveals She Has Outgrown Her Famous Squad

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Not too long ago, Taylor Swift and her squad were practically inseparable. The group of women, which included famous names like Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, and Cara Delevingne, regularly showed up at Swift’s concerts and on social media. However, the squad seemingly disappeared during the Reputation era, leaving fans to wonder if the friendships had ended. As it turns out, some of those relationships have indeed faded away, and Swift has now shed light on why that is.

Taylor Swift Says She's Officially 'Outgrown' Her Squad | Glamour

Taylor Swift recently shared 30 important life lessons she learned during her twenties in a cover essay for Elle. As the singer approaches her thirtieth birthday in December, she reflected on one significant realization she had: some friendships that were once part of her famous squad weren’t as enduring as she thought. Swift referred to them as “situationships” that she has since moved on from. She explained that being in your early twenties often brings people together in groups that feel like chosen families, but these relationships may not last forever. Although it’s sad to leave friendships behind, she believes that memories will always be cherished.

Taylor Swift Says She's Officially 'Outgrown' Her Squad | Glamour

Swift didn’t explicitly mention any names in her essay, but a quick look at her social media accounts can give you an idea of who she’s been hanging out with lately. She also revealed that her desire to have a squad of friends stemmed from her insecurities as a child. “As a kid, I was never popular, and this always made me feel insecure,” she shared. “Even as an adult, I still have moments where I remember sitting alone during lunch or trying to make a friend and being rejected.”
That’s why when the chance came for Swift to host extravagant Fourth of July parties with a group of models and actresses, she jumped at it. “In my twenties, I found myself surrounded by women who wanted to be my friend,” she wrote. “I was so excited about finally being accepted into a sisterhood that I shared it with the world, not realizing that others might still feel the way I did when I was lonely.”

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According to Swift, she can identify her genuine supporters, who stayed by her side during her conflict with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as well as the subsequent Reputation period. In her own words, “I realized that I have friends and fans in my life who don’t abandon me even when I’m #canceled. They were present during my toughest moments, and they remain beside me today.”

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Swift’s latest essay marks her gradual re-emergence into the public sphere and social media. Over the past few months, she has made a few appearances at events, contributed another essay to Elle UK’s April publication, and hinted that there will be new music to come. Additionally, she has given glimpses into her current friendships, such as hanging out with Cazzie David and Selena Gomez. Fans are optimistic that Swift’s return signifies a new album and era, but according to her essay, it seems that the Swift squad won’t make a comeback alongside it.

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