“Sugar Rush Spectacle: Katy Perry’s Candy-themed LA Show featuring Whimsical Costumes”

Katy Perry put on an amazing performance at the Nokia Theatre in LA, wowing the crowd with her charming candy-inspired costumes. This show kicked off her eagerly awaited trilogy in Los Angeles, which was completely sold out. The stage was beautifully decorated with a magical backdrop featuring gingerbread men, Gummie Bears, and dancers dressed as cupcakes, turning the California Dreams tour into a mesmerizing world that seemed straight out of Candyfornia. It’s clear that Katy Perry has creatively combined the spirit of California with the enchantment of Candyland!

Candyfornia: Katy Perry turned her sold-out LA concert at the Nokia Theatre last night into Candyland

At her sold-out concert in Los Angeles, Katy Perry transformed the Nokia Theatre into a whimsical and sugary wonderland called “Candyfornia.”

Goody goody gumdrops: The Teenage Dream singer dressed up like a candy button last night

During her latest show, the famous singer Katy Perry surprised her fans by making a grand entrance in a charming candy-themed outfit. Best known for her hit song “Teenage Dream,” she graced the stage in a dazzling silver lamé bikini and a bold blue wig reminiscent of the lovable character Smurfette, whom she famously voiced in the popular Smurfs film. To the delight of the audience, Perry later transformed into a giant Hershey’s Kiss, keeping her distinctive blue wig while choosing a chic white jumpsuit that resembled oversized candy buttons. While a number of her tour costumes were inspired by sweets, Perry also wowed the crowd with a stunning feather ensemble, a regal tiara, and a striking blue and purple bodysuit for her performance of the song “Peacock.”

Eye-catching: Katy shows off her curves in thigh-skimming lime green dress

In a stunning lime green outfit, Katy fearlessly flaunts her fabulous figure, highlighting her gorgeous curves with style.

Candy coloured Peacock: The pop star dresses up to sing her hit single, Peacock

In a daring move, the famous singer wowed the crowd with a live performance of her hit song, Peacock. Showing off her fun side, she chose a unique outfit that really made a statement. She dazzled in a dazzling mint green sequined dress adorned with playful candy canes and lollipops, and added a touch of luxury with a vibrant orange feather boa draped over her arm. To add even more charm, she surprised everyone by changing into a sleek black catsuit, complete with matching cat ears and a wig, which drew comparisons to Anne Hathaway’s iconic portrayal of Catwoman.

Candy girl: Katy Perry changed once again into a red and white candy-inspired dress at the last of her three sold out shows at the Nokia Center

Candy girl: Katy Perry changed once again into a red and white candy-inspired dress at the last of her three sold out shows at the Nokia Center

In a bold fashion statement, Katy Perry impressed yet again with her ever-changing look, rocking a stunning dress that took inspiration from the sweet and playful colors of red and white candy. This eye-catching makeover was unveiled during the exciting finale of her highly successful series of packed concerts at the legendary Nokia Center.

Backup dancers: Katy boogied alongside her purple bikini-clad dancers on stage, who boasted feathered hats

Katy Perry had a blast as she danced alongside her backup dancers in a dazzling stage performance. The talented dancers sported purple bikinis and fancy feathered hats, adding to the spectacle. In the midst of her incredible two-hour show, Katy surprised the crowd by bringing out her new friend, Rebecca Black, for a fun duet of the popular song, “Friday.” It’s worth noting that at this time, Rebecca didn’t have her trademark neon-colored hair. On the other hand, Katy Perry is known for her love of experimenting with bold and bright colors, often changing her hair to candy-inspired shades.

Here kitty kitty: Russell Brand's other half dressed up as Catwoman turning her California Dreamin tour

While on his California Dreamin tour, Russell Brand’s partner wowed fans with her eye-catching Catwoman costume.

Ariel? The slender singer looks like a peppermint-coated little mermaid

Hey, have you seen the latest photos of Ariel lately? This talented singer appears to be switching up her style almost every week! Remember when she dyed her hair blonde to match her character, Smurfette, while promoting the Smurfs movie? Well, now she’s rocking some eye-catching hot pink locks alongside her husband, Russell Brand. It’s like she’s transformed into a colorful little mermaid, right? Despite her ever-changing hair color, Ariel has every reason to be happy. The Smurfs movie has already made an impressive $65 million worldwide since its release last weekend! So, she definitely doesn’t need to feel blue like her character in the movie.

Wild crowd: Katy's fans cheered her on and took photos of the star as she performed alongside an Elvis lookalike

The ecstatic Katy Perry fans were thrilled as they showed their love by cheering loudly and taking pictures as the famous pop star performed with an Elvis Presley impersonator. The energy from the crowd was wild and filled with electrifying excitement.

Katy the Kiss: The Smurfs star dressed up like a tiny chocolate treat

Katy, a cast member in The Smurfs movie, made a fun decision to wear an outfit that looked remarkably similar to a delicious chocolate dessert.

Supporting act: Robyn opened for Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour at the Nokia Center

Supporting act: Robyn opened for Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour at the Nokia Center

Robyn kicked off the exciting California Dreams Tour by Katy Perry as the opening act at the famous Nokia Center.

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