“Stylish Angelina Jolie makes a statement in black dress and heels while hitting the streets of LA following her record-breaking Instagram milestone”

The actress was spotted in Beverly Hills on Monday, flaunting her style in a stunning black dress and high heels before hopping into an SUV. Recently, she made waves on social media after receiving 1 million followers in record time. Her popularity skyrocketed when she shared a poignant letter from a young girl in Afghanistan. In only three days, her follower count reached an impressive 8.8 million!

Angelina Jolie, aged 46, stepped out for the first time after setting a new record on Instagram by being the quickest user to garner one million followers with her post featuring a heart touching letter from an Afghan girl. She appeared stylishly graceful in her long, black dress with full-length sleeves and high neck that trailed down to her ankles. Additionally, she wore nude pumps while sporting a black face mask and carrying a takeout bag, waving merrily at onlookers. The actress was accompanied by her daughter Zahara, aged 16, and her trusty bodyguard. They were seen leaving an office building and driving off in a black SUV. Jolie’s brown hair was left loose, and she had donned some eye makeup to complete her charming look.

Jolie appeared effortlessly fashionable in a long-sleeved, flowing black dress that had a high neckline and reached below her ankles. She paired this elegant ensemble with nude pumps.

The actress was spotted leaving an office building with her daughter Sahara and a bodyguard, carrying a bag of takeout. On a more serious note, Angelina utilized her celebrity status to bring attention to the dire situation in Afghanistan by creating an Instagram account. As a result of the Taliban’s takeover of the country, the inhabitants are experiencing human rights violations, primarily women. Jolie aimed to amplify the voices of Afghan refugees who are struggling to express themselves freely on social media. In a poignant post, she shared a teenage girl’s letter outlining her fear of the Taliban and how their rule had caused her to lose hope for her future.

Amid the ongoing human rights crisis in Afghanistan, particularly affecting women under Taliban rule, Angelina Jolie has taken a stand as an activist to elevate the voices of refugees. In a letter received by Jolie, a teenager expressed her fear and despair after the Taliban takeover and how their fundamentalist rule has stripped away their basic rights to work, study, and defend themselves freely. The teenager, along with many others, feels trapped and imprisoned, with no hope for a brighter future. Although some parts of the letter were obscured for the safety of the writer, its message remains clear and poignant.

Angelina’s first social media post was so popular that she became the fastest user to gain 1 million followers. As of now, her follower count has increased to a whopping 8.8 million!

Heart-wrenching: A teenage girl’s letter, expressing her fear of the Taliban and the loss of her basic rights, has been posted by Angelina Jolie on her newly created social media account. The girl lamented that their dreams have been shattered. According to a source, Angelina was motivated to join social media for the first time because women and youth in Afghanistan are being deprived of the freedom to express themselves on these platforms. She hopes to use her celebrity status to amplify their voices and bring attention to their plight. In just under three hours, she gained an impressive 2.1 million followers, surpassing David Attenborough and Rupert Grint’s records.

On June 20, Jolie, who works as a special envoy for the UNHCR, spoke out about the hardships faced by many refugees in Goudebo, a camp located in northern Burkina Faso that is currently housing over 11,000 Malian refugees. As of August 23, a statement from a White House official revealed that a total of 10,900 individuals, including American citizens and interpreters, as well as Afghans, have been evacuated from Kabul on 15 military aircraft. The original deadline for the US military to leave Afghanistan was May 1, but President Joe Biden extended it to August 31. Despite concerns about the security situation on the ground, some of his advisers have advised against further extending the deadline.

On August 23, a representative from the White House shared that a total of 10,900 individuals have been safely removed from Kabul. This includes American citizens, interpreters, and Afghan nationals who were in the country. In order to execute these evacuations, 15 military aircrafts were utilized. This information was reported by dailymail.

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