“Scarlett Johansson shares her views on the naturalness of monogamy”

As per a recent viral post dated August 1, 2023, the topic of whether monogamy is natural or not has been the center of discussion as per Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey, who is a renowned sexologist and relationship expert. It seems even famous personalities like Scarlett Johannson have been pondering over this question lately.

The individual who has experienced divorce twice has shared their thoughts in the March/April 2017 edition of Playboy. According to the individual, they are uncertain if humans are destined to be with only one partner for the entirety of their lives.

The notion of marriage is very romantic and appealing to me. It’s a lovely concept, and the actuality of it can be quite alluring. However, I don’t believe that being monogamous is inherent. I understand that my opinion may not be widely accepted, but I believe it takes effort to maintain a monogamous relationship. It’s an arduous task.

The amount of effort required to maintain a marriage for everyone is a testament to the fact that it is not something that comes naturally. Although I have participated in and appreciate the institution of marriage, it requires going against our instincts to focus on long-term commitments. Furthermore, marriage holds significant importance and will affect relationships at any stage.

She stated that being married is not the same as being unmarried, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Marriage changes things, and even couples who have been together for a decade and then decide to tie the knot admit that it is different. It is a beautiful responsibility, but it is still a responsibility nonetheless. According to Dr. Morrissey, research shows that sexual monogamy is not natural or easily achieved. Anthropologist Helen Fisher believes that humans are programmed for serial pair-bonding, or serial monogamy, where sexually faithful relationships last for about four years, which is just enough time for a child to be weaned from total dependence.

According to research, humans are not naturally inclined towards monogamy. This is due to the presence of chemicals like oxytocin and vasopressin which affect our sex drive and commitment levels in complex ways. Higher testosterone levels in men lead to lower vasopressin levels, causing them to be less likely to marry, have more affairs, and divorce more often. Women, on the other hand, have more receptors for oxytocin which makes them more likely to bond with their partner through sex. However, despite this evidence against monogamy, our society is built around it and most of us have adapted well to it. To ensure a happy and long-lasting union, it is important to constantly learn about your partner, communicate openly, keep things varied in the relationship, and explore each other’s fantasies.

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