“Meet the towering Victor Wembanyama: Officially measured at 7 feet and 3.5 inches!”

In order to determine the official height of NBA players, a new policy was put in place before the 2019-20 season. This policy mandates that players must be measured without shoes.

Victor Wembanyama, who was recently seen at Rucker Park with Bilal Coulibaly, is set to become the NBA’s second-tallest player. While his height was officially recorded as 2.21 meters in October last year, he now measures almost 2.23 meters, which makes sense given that he has turned 19 since then and may still have some growing left. Various sources have listed him as between 7 feet 2 inches and 7 feet 5 inches tall, but the NBA officially measured him without shoes at 7 feet 3.5 inches, making him taller than Kristaps Porzingis but not quite as tall as Boban Marjanovic. Although most players were measured at the 2023 Draft Combine in Chicago, Wembanyama was still playing for his team in France at that time and was officially measured by the Spurs when he arrived in San Antonio.

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