Kim Kardashian rocks Anna dello Russo’s Balmain gown at her unforgettable Bachelorette Bash

Kim Kardashian dons an exquisite Balmain dress from Anna dello Russo’s collection for her bachelorette party, creating a regal and luxurious look reminiscent of Marie Antoinette herself. The quilted frock, adorned with stunning jewels, is a sight to behold as Kim arrives for her celebration.

For her pre-wedding celebration, she opted to use Marie Antoinette’s palace as the venue.

As Kim made her way to the girly gathering at Costes restaurant located on Rue St. Honore in Paris, she exuded a regal and glamorous aura fit for a queen.

Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a stunning Balmain dress by Anna Dello Russo at the event.

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