Katy Perry’s Top 25 Beauty Styles That Will Blow Your Mind Beyond Teenage Dreams

Throughout the years, Katy Perry has showcased a wide range of beauty looks that encompassed various styles, shades, and textures. From subdued tones to eye-catching neons, from intricate makeup designs to simple palettes, the pop icon has come a long way from her retro-pinup days. Nonetheless, amidst all the changes, there’s one constant factor that never fails to shine through – her exuberant and playful personality. With every appearance, Perry infuses her personal style with creative touches that reflect her vibrant character. Here, we’ve compiled some of her most captivating, unexpected, and amusing beauty looks, including the iconic hot pink lips.

Back in 2008, Perry made quite an impression with her bold choice of makeup at a Chanel event. Her pop of vibrant pink lipstick was perfectly matched with the pink flower adorning her headband. Additionally, she also sported gold glitter-infused eye shadow to complete her standout look.

During a Grammys afterparty in 2006, Perry sported a stunning gold metallic eye shadow look that deserved recognition. Her choice of makeup made a bold statement that left a lasting impression. The overall style was a blend of neutral tones and retro glam, resulting in a timeless appeal.

In 2009, Perry opted for a more subdued appearance at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Instead of her usual vibrant hues, she sported a neutral makeup palette and styled her hair in retro waves. This departure from her signature look made her stand out in a fresh way. Her standout feature was her silver smoky eye makeup.

During a 2009 pre-Grammys event, Perry showcased her unique take on a timeless makeup trend. She opted for a daring smoky eye, but instead of using standard neutral shades, she chose an icy silver-lavender hue that perfectly complemented her dress. To complete the look, she added a bold pop of red lipstick.

At the 2009 Grammys, Perry opted for a frilly and feminine look. She wore a pale pink dress and complemented it with a pastel, candy-pink matte lipstick. Her eyes were shaded silver to complete the overall look.

In 2009, Perry opted for a metallic look at the VMAs. She went for a gradient silver and charcoal eye shadow that perfectly complemented her bright coral lipstick. This time she chose bronze and neutral colors for her makeup.

Perry’s subdued makeup look with bronze eyes and a neutral lip was a refreshing change from her usual bold styles and yet equally effective!

For the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscars party, Perry opted for a sophisticated look that featured subtle yet elegant makeup, particularly around her eyes. She expertly paired a neutral lip with a matte eye shadow and topped it off with a simple swipe of black eyeliner. Additionally, she chose to add a touch of drama by sporting a double-winged eyeliner that perfectly accentuated her stunning features.

Perry added a fun twist to her makeup routine by applying a double layer of winged eyeliner, featuring a bold blue wing over her standard black swoop. To enhance her look, she used vibrant highlighter on the inner corners of her eyelids and applied a matte pink lipstick. Additionally, she incorporated multicolored hair streaks for a playful touch.

Perry’s beauty game has always been on point, and one of her most memorable looks wasn’t just about the makeup. Back in 2010, she rocked some seriously cool hair with bright and bold streaks of hot pink, purple, and blue woven throughout her curls. It was a rainbow dream come true, and we can’t help but be inspired by her willingness to take risks with her style.

During the 2010 American Music Awards, Katy Perry sported a look that featured a subtle pink lip complemented by shimmery copper eye shadow, which was perfectly accentuated by her expertly sculpted brows. This eye-catching look was highlighted by the use of metallic ombré eye shadow.

Perry has added a new twist to the classic metallic look by using a shading technique on this particular gold eye shadow. As a result, the eye shadow now exudes more glamour and dimension than ever before. It’s definitely worth trying out if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your makeup routine. By the way, have you ever considered trying out Smurfette Blue as an eye shadow color? It might sound unconventional, but it could be a fun and unexpected addition to your makeup collection.

Perry decided to channel her inner Smurfette and opted for a bold look by applying bright teal and blue eyeshadow all over her lids, which she used to shield her eyes. She kept the rest of her makeup simple, with just a basic black eyeliner.

At times, all you require is one daring element to enhance your fashion statement. At the 2012 Grammy Awards, Perry opted for a thick stroke of black eyeliner while keeping the rest of her look subtle.

Perry opted for a bright blue eye shadow that matched her beautiful faded blue hair. Rather than going for an intense look, she blended it out to create a more delicate and relaxed style. Additionally, she drew inspiration from the 1920s and chose shades of purple that complemented her overall look.

Perry sported a flapper-inspired appearance that featured her iconic vintage waves complemented by a low headband reminiscent of the fashion in the 1920s. She also wore a stunning matte lipstick and put a twist on the traditional smoky eye by using a mauve tint. Her lip color was maroon and had a lovely matte finish.

Perry made a stunning entrance at the 2013 Met Gala, sporting a stylish dark maroon lipstick while keeping her makeup minimalistic. Her decision to draw attention to her elaborate dress and accessories was a clever move that captured everyone’s attention.

At the 2013 American Music Awards, Perry went for a retro look and added a pop of color with her choice of vivid red lipstick. To complete her unique style, she opted for neutral shimmer makeup and rocked purple hair.

In 2015, Perry went for a more understated look at the Grammys by opting for neutral yet shimmery makeup. She decided to let her lavender hair, styled in loose waves, take center stage along with some stunning statement earrings.

In 2015, Perry switched up her style by rocking a retro-inspired bouffant hairstyle. To add some extra flair to the look, she also applied some bright magenta lipstick. Additionally, she sported a trendy copper-rimmed eye makeup look.

Perry made quite an entrance at the post-Grammy bash in 2017, sporting eyes adorned with copper that shimmered beautifully and stood out against her disheveled locks.

Perry’s eccentricity was on full display during her exclusive “Witness World Wide” YouTube concert. The pop star rocked a unique look with rhinestones and googly eyes adorning the corners of her eyes. Her rainbow ombré glitter eye shadow added an extra touch of flair to the already daring ensemble.

In the year 2017, Perry sported a vibrant and daring appearance at Glastonbury festival. She opted for a stunning combination of hot pink, electric blue, and purple glimmering eye shadow that exuded confidence. Additionally, she added a punch of color to her lips with a bright and bold berry-red hue. On the other hand, this is in contrast to her soft and subtle look consisting of pink and taupe shades.

In 2018, during an episode of American Idol, Katy Perry sported a charming and gentle look featuring pink glitter eye shadow that caught the light in a subtle way. The eye makeup was complemented by bold eyeliner and a lip gloss in a soft, natural taupe-pink shade. The overall effect was sweet and understated. Perry’s blush and eye shadow were perfectly coordinated, both shimmering in shades of pink. She wisely opted for a matte, low-key lip color to balance out the rest of her makeup.

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