“Katy Perry’s Sizzling Margarita Makeover Stirs up Social Media Buzz for American Idol’s Newest Episode”

Over the weekend, Katy Perry delighted fans by posting a picture of herself on her social media accounts, giving a shoutout to American Idol. The 37-year-old singer looked stunning in a vibrant lime-colored ensemble that she humorously likened to a refreshing margarita. Embracing her confidence, she captioned the post and shared it with her whopping 159 million followers.

Cocktail outfit: Katy Perry embraced her lime-colored outfit for giving her cocktail vibes on social media on Sunday while promoting American Idol

Over the weekend, Katy Perry took to social media to flaunt her vibrant lime-colored cocktail outfit while promoting American Idol. Through a series of photos and a fun video, the singer rocked a strapless jumpsuit, showcasing her stunning beauty with flawless makeup and sleek black hair flowing down her back. In the video, she jokingly remarked, “I look like a margarita!” Katy also shared a laid-back photo of herself standing with hands in pockets, oozing cool and effortless style.

Social media: The 37-year-old pop superstar took to social media to share her look ahead of the latest episode of the ABC singing competition show

The 37-year-old pop sensation took to her social media to give fans a sneak peek of her look for the next episode of the singing contest on ABC.

Feeling it: 'Looking (and feeling) like a margarita,' Katy wrote in the caption for her roughly 159 million followers

Katy Perry took to Instagram to share her enthusiasm with her massive following of 159 million fans about the upcoming episodes of American Idol. In her post, Katy playfully mentioned her craving for a margarita and made sure to remind everyone that the show will be airing live coast-to-coast on both Sunday and Monday. She urged her followers to join in on the voting fun and show their support for the talented top 14 contestants who are all set to hit the stage. As a judge on the ABC revival of American Idol since 2018, Katy is eagerly anticipating the show’s continued success.

Live shows: Katy reminded her followers on Instagram that American Idol was live coast-to-coast on Sunday and again Monday

Katy took to Instagram to tell her fans about American Idol airing live on Sunday and Monday, covering all time zones.

Video clip: The pop superstar also shared a short video clip in the margarita outfit

The well-known vocalist delighted her followers with a quick look at her dressed up in a fun margarita outfit in a short video.

Looking good: Katy pouted while posing for social media followers

Looking good: Katy pouted while posing for social media followers

Katy playfully struck a pose for her social media fans, pursing her lips to give a hint of allure to her appearance.

Good times: Katy recorded herself saying 'Looking like a margarita'

Fun experience: Katy filmed herself saying the words “Looking like a margarita” in a humorous way.

Don't mind me: She posed for a series of selfies back stage at American Idol over the weekend

Don't mind me: She posed for a series of selfies back stage at American Idol over the weekend

Don’t mind me: Last weekend at the American Idol event, she snapped a few photos of herself behind the scenes.

Show judge: The Firework singer has been a judge on the ABC reboot of American Idol since 2018

Katy Perry has been a judge on the revamped American Idol since 2018, which airs on ABC. Recently, she posted two photos on Twitter showing off her margarita-themed outfit, as well as promoting the show to her massive following of about 109 million fans. Katy, along with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, plays a crucial role in judging the talented contestants on American Idol.

Twentieth season: Lionel Richie, Katy and Luke Bryan are the judges for season 20 of American Idol

The 20th season of American Idol showcases judges like Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. Katy Perry recently posted some pictures to hype up the next episode of the show. She’s been engaged to actor Orlando Bloom since February 2019 and the pair have a cute little 19-month-old girl named Daisy Dove.

Glam squad: Lionel and Luke posed as Katy's glad squam in a snap shared after the episode

A picture was posted showing Katy Perry’s team of stylists and makeup artists for a particular episode, and in the background were Lionel and Luke.

Going green: The singer put a hand on her hip while showing off her outfit

Fashion that is environmentally friendly: The singer struck a pose with a hand on her hip, showing off her eco-conscious outfit with confidence.

Natural beauty: Katy accentuated her natural beauty with full makeup

Katy accentuated her natural beauty by creating a full makeup ensemble.

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