Katy Perry on Track to Become American Idol’s Newest Judge: Final Deal in the Works

As per reports, Katy Perry is all set to take on the role of anchor judge for the upcoming season of American Idol. The negotiations regarding her remuneration are almost finalised and an official announcement is expected on Tuesday. The producers had initially approached Kelly Clarkson, but she signed up for The Voice instead. Sources have revealed that the show’s team is aiming to unveil Perry’s appointment during the ABC Upfronts this week.

Getting her chair: Katy Perry is reportedly set to become the new American Idol anchor judge and negotiations to secure her fee have almost been completed

Looks like Katy Perry may be taking on a new role as the anchor judge for American Idol! Sources say negotiations for her fee are almost done, but the other two judges haven’t been decided yet. It’s speculated that Ryan Seacrest will be returning as host, while a songwriter and music producer may fill the other judging spots. This popular show, which first aired back in 2002 with Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, is apparently eager to have Perry take the first chair.

Jumping ship: According to TMZ , the announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday after a planned deal with Kelly Clarkson fell flat and she joined The Voice

An insider source has revealed to TMZ that a departure from their current gig is in the works for someone. The announcement is set to be made next Tuesday, apparently due to a failed deal with Kelly Clarkson, who opted to join The Voice instead.

Sources told the site: 'Idol's goal is to announce Katy is joining the reboot during the ABC Upfronts this week'

Unnamed insiders have reportedly revealed that the folks over at “Idol” are aiming to unveil Katy Perry’s involvement in the show’s reboot during this week’s ABC Upfronts.

Who will it be? Ryan Seacrest is thought to be returning as host, but TMZ reports that the other judges are likely be a songwriter and a music producer

There is speculation about who will be the new judges on American Idol. While Ryan Seacrest is expected to return as host, sources suggest that a songwriter and music producer will join him on the panel. Additionally, Katy Perry has expressed interest in the role and is willing to schedule her tour around the show’s taping schedule. The singer recently wowed audiences with a sexy performance at the KIIS FM Wango Tango event and indulged in some cake at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. However, she wasn’t impressed by the cherry pie served to her on the red carpet and called it “disgusting.”

Perks of fame: DJ Chuey Martinez fed Katy Perry a bit of cherry pie as they stood on the red carpet before her Wango Tango performance on Saturday

Benefits of being a celebrity: During the red carpet event prior to her Wango Tango performance on Saturday, Katy was playfully fed a slice of cherry pie by DJ Chuey Martinez.

Not for her: The pie didn't, however, appear to take for Katy

Katy wasn’t impressed by the pie that was presented to her. She informed DJ Chuey and Chelsea Briggs that she had received many cherry pies in her life before taking a bite of it. Katy and DJ Chuey ended up feeding each other for the cameras, which made Katy joke that it was like a wedding. However, her expression quickly changed as she realized how revolting the pie was. Although DJ Chuey considered it to be a career highlight, Katy expressed her disgust and grimaced before jokingly saying that it was disgusting. Chelsea and Chuey laughed at her comment.

Leaving a bad taste?: The 32-year-old singer was seen spitting out the offered dessert

Did the dessert leave a bad taste in Katy’s mouth? The 32-year-old singer was caught spitting out the sweet treat that was offered to her. Nonetheless, she appeared to be in high spirits during her visit to The Nice Guy, sporting a funky tasselled dress. Katy looked relaxed and carefree as she exited the upscale eatery, laughing and enjoying herself after chowing down on the dessert that suited her taste. Even after a day of changing outfits, Katy managed to maintain her impeccable style by pairing her multi-coloured dress with some seductive thigh-high suede boots. She strutted out of the restaurant with confidence, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who saw her.

The interview rounds: Before trying a morsel, Katy informed DJ Chuey of KIIS FM and Chelsea Briggs of Billboard that 'this is not the first cherry pie I've gotten, or received, in life'

During the interview, Katy casually mentioned to DJ Chuey of KIIS FM and Chelsea Briggs of Billboard that she was no stranger to cherry pie as she had received or tried it before. However, she did not dive in to try the pie just yet.

Crossing arms: She and DJ Chuey wound up feeding each other mouthfuls for the cameras - 'It's like a wedding!' Katy quipped - before her revulsion became clear on her face

Crossing arms: She and DJ Chuey wound up feeding each other mouthfuls for the cameras - 'It's like a wedding!' Katy quipped - before her revulsion became clear on her face

As DJ Chuey and Katy got ready for the cameras, they ended up playfully feeding each other with food while crossing their arms. Katy jokingly compared the moment to a wedding, but her facial expression quickly showed her disgust.

Mugging: Though the DJ trumpeted the moment as his 'career highlight,' Katy grimaced before vamping: 'This is disgusting,' to laughs from Chelsea and Chuey

Robbery: The DJ was very excited about the incident, calling it the best moment of his career. However, Katy didn’t seem to share his enthusiasm and made a face before commenting, “This is gross.” Her friends Chelsea and Chuey found it amusing.

Not to her liking: It was evident that Katy didn’t enjoy the food she had been given.

Bon Appetit indeed: It is not known why she let this guy spoon feed her

“Bon Appetit, Indeed”: The reason behind why she allowed him to feed her with a spoon remains a mystery.

Sweet tooth: Katy, 32, ensured she rewarded herself with a slice of cake after her Wango Tango performance as she emerged from The Nice Guy on Saturday night

Katy has a love for sweets, and she made sure to indulge herself with a delicious slice of cake after her Wango Tango show. She was spotted leaving The Nice Guy on Saturday night, looking satisfied and content.

Rewarding herself: She seemed happier at The Nice Guy - topping off a powerhouse few days which has also seen her become the 'top choice' for judge on the American Idol reboot

Treating herself: She appeared to be in high spirits at The Nice Guy, capping off a successful few days where she was selected as the preferred candidate for judge on the upcoming American Idol revival.

Sexy: Katy looked completely at ease as she giggled up a storm while exiting the upscale eatery - all while whetting her appetite

Sexy: She was sensational in the funky tasselled dress

Katy seemed to be totally relaxed as she exited the fancy restaurant, laughing heartily and increasing her hunger. She exuded a certain sexiness that was undeniable.

A slice of action: Reports via TMZ have emerged of Katy being a hot favourite to join the judging panel for American Idol - which is being brought to ABC after its cancellation last year

According to TMZ, Katy Perry is reportedly being considered as a top contender for a judge on the upcoming American Idol revival. The show is returning to ABC after being cancelled last year.

Roping in the best: The show, which premiered in 2002 with the original line-up of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, is reportedly keen on Perry taking the first highly coveted first seat

Getting the cream of the crop: According to reports, the show that first aired in 2002 with Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul is now eyeing Katy Perry as their top pick for the first judge’s seat.

Rising to the occasion: Sources tell the site, that Katy is also 'very interested' and 'is open to scheduling potential tour dates around the show's taping schedule'

According to insiders, Katy is reportedly eager to take on new challenges and has expressed her keen interest in being a part of the show while also accommodating her tour schedule. At a recent radio station event in Los Angeles, Katy flaunted her signature sultry style with a futuristic neon bodysuit, pink suspender leggings, and silver boots. As one of the main performers of the night, she left no stone unturned in her attention-grabbing outfit, complete with silver embellishments.

All eyes on her: Katy proved hard to miss at the KIIS FM'S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles earlier on in the day 

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Katy at the KIIS FM’S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles earlier today as she was impossible to overlook.

Sexy display: The singer donned a funky neon bodysuit, tight pink suspender leggings and silver boots as she showcased her vocal prowess

The performer chose to wear a vibrant neon bodysuit, complete with pink suspender leggings and silver boots, all of which complemented her impressive vocal skills. A thick silver belt accentuated her slender waist, connecting to a choker around her neck. She also opted for bubblegum pink latex leggings that highlighted her toned legs with their unique suspender design. To enhance her stature on stage, she chose shiny silver zipper boots that provided both comfort and style. Overall, the singer’s fashion choices added to her dynamic performance.

Sizzling: As one of the event's main performers, Katy pulled out all the stops in her attire which consisted of the bright one-piece with silver embellished detailing throughout

Hot: Katy, a key performer at the event, went all out with her outfit. She rocked a vibrant one-piece with stunning silver embellishments that added sparkle and shine.

Fashionista: A thick silver belt cinched in her trim midriff and was adjoined to a choker around her neck

The fashion-forward Katy Perry showcased her style with a thick silver belt that hugged her toned midsection and was connected to a choker around her neck. She completed her look with matching latex gloves and white-rimmed sunglasses. Her recently debuted blonde pixie cut looked stunning against her sun-kissed skin from her recent vacation in Mexico. Performing some of her biggest hits such as E.T., Firework, and Dark Horse, the American singer appeared comfortable and confident on stage, entertaining the crowd with her high-energy performance. Earlier in the day, Katy wowed at the Wango Tango red carpet in a yellow jumper dress with gray sections, making another fashion statement.

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

The celebrity complemented her outfit with bubblegum pink latex leggings that had a suspender style design, which highlighted her well-defined legs.

Standing tall: She boosted her height with a pair of shiny silver exposed zipper boots which gave her enough comfort to perform up a storm on stage

With her head held high, she rocked a pair of sleek silver boots with exposed zippers that not only added a little extra height but also provided the necessary support for her electrifying stage performance.

Accessorising: The Roar songstress wore matching latex gloves to match and accessorized with white rimmed shades

Fun: She seemed to be having a blast on stage

The singer, Katy Perry, wore matching latex gloves and accessorized with white rimmed shades during a working vacation. She described it as an office by the beach and even joked about landing a spaceship in her spaceship outfit while on the red carpet. On Friday, she surprised fans with her latest music video for Bon Appetit featuring Migos, where she is covered in flour by male chefs while almost naked. During an interview with KIIS-FM, Perry talked about the purposeful nature of her music and how it represents liberation in various ways.

Mane attraction: Katy showed off her short blonde pixie cut that she debuted in April while looking tan from her recent trip to Mexico

Katy flaunted her sun-kissed skin after her trip to Mexico, showcasing her charming short blonde pixie cut that she first revealed in April.

Doing what she does best: The American beauty seemed in her element as she put on quite the animated display while thrilling the crowds

Showing off her expertise: The gorgeous American appeared to be in her zone as she energetically entertained the audience, captivating them with her performance.

Going solo: She proved to be the ultimate one woman show

Flying solo: She demonstrated herself to be the consummate one-person act.

Multi-talented: Katy even busted out some serious dance moves while on stage 

Katy showed off her diverse skills by impressively incorporating some dance moves during her stage performance.

California Girl: Earlier in the day, Katy made yet another statement as she arrived to the Wango Tango red carpet in a bright yellow jumper dress that boasted grey sections throughout

The Golden State beauty, Katy Perry, flaunted her unique fashion sense once again at the Wango Tango event. She stepped onto the red carpet in a stunning yellow jumper dress that had grey sections cleverly placed throughout the attire.

Very Perry: The bright frock was on brand with Katy's attention-catching outfits

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