“Katy Perry Flaunts Sparkling New Diamond Ring on Left Hand Amid Rumors of Engagement to John Mayer”

Katy Perry attended the Elle Style Awards recently, and there was something new and sparkling on her left hand. It wasn’t just her beautiful floral dress that caught everyone’s attention. The 29-year-old singer was flaunting a diamond ring, which is different from the red sparkler that she was spotted wearing on Friday after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at the Sunset Tower hotel. This has sparked rumors that John Mayer, Katy’s boyfriend, has possibly proposed to her. Despite many attempts to get in touch with Katy and John’s representatives, there has been no confirmation about their engagement yet. You can check out the video by scrolling down.

Is she engaged?: Katy Perry stepped out to the Elle Style Awards in London on Tuesday with a diamond ring on her wedding finger

Speculations arise as Katy Perry appeared at the Elle Style Awards in London wearing a sparkling diamond ring on her left hand. Fans are now wondering if the singer is engaged or not.

Nice ice: The bauble could be from boyfriend John Mayer

Katy Perry was spotted wearing a vintage Art Deco style white gold rectangular ring with a diamond in the center and smaller diamonds surrounding it. The singer, who recently received Elle’s Woman of the Year award, proudly showed off the bauble by placing her hand on her left hip and chest multiple times, and even dangled the gem in front of a photographer while holding a glass of champagne. This is not the first time Katy has worn a special ring gifted by her boyfriend John Mayer. She previously wore a ruby heart-shaped ring on Valentine’s Day in 2013, which sources claim was a gift from Mayer. Engagement rumors have been circulating since December 2019 after US OK! magazine reported that the couple was secretly planning to tie the knot. A source close to the couple revealed that John has been eager to marry Katy since the summer, and she finally accepted his proposal in November.

We see it: The Roar singer made no effort to hide the bauble - here with Kylie Minogue she is showing it off proudly

It’s quite evident that the famous musician, Roar singer, did not attempt to conceal her precious piece of jewelry – in fact, she proudly displayed it alongside Kylie Minogue.

Another day, another ring: On Friday with a red rock as Mayer took her to dinner

Katy Perry and John Mayer have been the talk of the town due to engagement rumors. Despite never denying the reports, Perry seems to be enjoying the speculation. On Sunday, she was spotted without a ring while out shopping with Mayer in Hollywood, causing more confusion. However, an insider has recently shared that the couple is not yet engaged but acknowledges that it’s only a matter of time before Mayer proposes. Mayer has dated several other Hollywood celebrities in the past, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift. Perry recently finalized her divorce from Russell Brand after 14 months of marriage in July 2012.

Isn't it pretty?: The Prism singer held her hand just so several times so everyone could get an eyeful of the dazzler

Did you see that? The lead singer of Prism, gestured several times to show off the stunning ring on her hand. It was so captivating that everyone couldn’t help but stare.

Raven-haired beauty: Katy wore a silk ivory rose print Vivienne Westwood Prestige dress, from the label's Gold Label Capsule Collection

Katy looked stunning in a Vivienne Westwood Prestige dress from the Gold Label Capsule Collection. The dress featured a beautiful rose print on ivory silk fabric, complementing Katy’s dark locks.

Flower power: Katy wore a slick of pink lipstick to accentuated her good looks

Katy Perry rocked a lovely pink lipstick that enhanced her beauty at the Elle awards. She was in a cheerful mood and socialized with the guests, laughing and smiling throughout the festivities. Her partner, Mayer, was not present at the event. For her outfit, Katy chose a silk ivory rose print Vivienne Westwood Prestige dress from the Gold Label Capsule Collection. To complement her attire, she sported a wavy bob hairstyle.

Pair of beauties: Kylie Minogue looked delighted to be presenting Katy with her award

Kylie Minogue appeared thrilled as she presented Katy with her award, and the two celebrities made a gorgeous pair.

Let's party! Katy enjoyed some of the free-flowing alcohol on offer

Let’s have some fun! Katy indulged in the unlimited supply of alcoholic beverages that were available at the event. The ceremony was held at One Embankment in London, with other notable winners including Tine Tempah, who won the UK Recording Artist Male award. Tine looked dapper in his deep red suit and posed for a photo with his close friend Ellie Goulding, who presented him with the award. Pop icon Rita Ora was also present at the ceremony. Katy made an entrance in a large red coat that clashed with her bright pink lipstick. She kept her left hand hidden, occasionally slipping it into her pocket. Accompanying her was a young and attractive assistant.

Colour clash: Katy's wore a red coat with her purple-pink lipstick

Katy made a bold fashion statement by pairing a bright red coat with her vibrant purple-pink lipstick, creating an eye-catching color clash that caught everyone’s attention.

Early night: Katy Perry is also in town for the Brit Awards on Wednesday night

Early night: Katy Perry is also in town for the Brit Awards on Wednesday night

Katy Perry is in the city for the Brit Awards happening on Wednesday night, which is why she decided to have an early night.

Off she goes: Perry gets in her ride to take her back to her plush hotel

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