Katy Perry Flaunts Hourglass Figure in Skin-Tight PVC Dress

Katy Perry was spotted in Times Square, New York, wearing a strikingly snug turquoise PVC dress adorned with bright pink palm tree designs. She was seen riding a new set of wheels, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta worth £12,000. The pop singer wisely removed her killer stilettos before jumping onto the car and belting out her hit song “California Gurls.”

Katy Perry delighted her fans with a performance of her hit song “California Gurls” in Times Square, New York. The singer was also seen flaunting a Sanskrit tattoo on her arm, which is identical to her fiancé Russell Brand’s tattoo, and represents their shared philosophy of going with the flow. Katy’s quirky and outrageous outfits are inspired by her desire to make people laugh, as she revealed in an interview with OK! Magazine. Humor is an integral part of her personality and music, and her challenge is to convey it to her audience.

Katy Perry rocks a stunning look in her skin-tight turquoise PVC outfit, which she carefully chooses for her performances. The singer admits that she loves exaggerated outfits and hence opts for specific outfits for her shows. Perry shares her journey of kick-starting her singing career at a young age of 10, where her father, who was a pastor, offered her ten dollars to sing at church or parties. She remembers the amount being a lot for a 10-year-old girl and eventually decided to pursue a singing career when she turned 15, leading her to work in Nashville, which proved to be an incredible experience. Though the road to fame hasn’t been easy, Katy Perry has emerged as a successful singer today.

According to Katy Perry, her eccentric outfits are inspired by her sense of humor. She also shared that she has experienced difficult times in the past, including financial struggles where she couldn’t afford rent. However, she persisted and is grateful for her strength. Make sure to grab a copy of OK! Magazine this week.

After taking off her pink stilettos, Katy Perry climbed onto the brand new Volkswagen. What a relief!

After ditching her pink stilettos, Katy Perry climbed aboard a brand new Volkswagen. What a relief!

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