EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Dua Lipa says her friends and family keep her ‘extremely grounded’ despite her fame and fortune

She’s won numerous awards, made a reputed fortune of £27million, and will appear in the much-hyped Hollywood film Barbie, but pop star Dua Lipa’s pals make sure she stays down to earth.

‘My friends and family keep me extremely grounded,’ says the London-born singer, 27. ‘I can sit at a table and I’m not the most important one and I never want to be.’

Speaking to Fearne Cotton on the Happy Place podcast, she adds: ‘I have friends around all the time – they’ll ignore me in my own house. That’s exactly where I want to be – this is perfect. My job is extraordinary, but I like to think of my life as normal.’

Initially, success took its toll on her day-to-day life. ‘I didn’t understand why there was all this attention,’ she says.

‘I didn’t wanna leave the house if I wasn’t wearing makeup, in case the paparazzi would get a picture. Those things would work me up and it stopped me from doing things I really loved.’

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