Dua Lipa’s Leo-Themed Birthday Bash: Shining in Crystal Blazer and Elegant Lace Bikini

“I’m a Leo, you can tell by looking,” the pop star wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Dua Lipa mừng sinh nhật đúng chất cung Sư Tử với blazer pha lê và bikini ren

The birthday party was filled with Dua Lipa’s sweet heart image. Photo: Instagram @dualipa

Celebrating her 26th birthday, Dua Lipa has made the Instagram social network wobble with an extremely sexy fashion style.

Dua Lipa celebrates her 26th birthday: “I’m a Leo, I know it by looking at it”

Dua Lipa mừng sinh nhật đúng chất cung Sư Tử với blazer pha lê và bikini ren

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

At the birthday party, the pop star wore a blazer and navy pants. The dress is full of colorful beads. Unbuttoned blazer, revealing inside is an extremely sexy scallop-shaped lace shirt. Dua Lipa coordinated with a series of sophisticated necklaces and bracelets. The metal heart logo stands out on both the jewelry and the belt buckle.

Dua Lipa mừng sinh nhật đúng chất cung Sư Tử với blazer pha lê và bikini ren

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

An interesting highlight is also the eye-catching Ushanka winter hat. This is a traditional Russian accessory that protects both the head and the ears in cold climates. Ushanka hats are usually made of leather and thick fur, hanging down over the ears.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

But how could Dua Lipa choose the unfashionable Ushanka hat! The accessories the singer chose from the brand Mowalola. The luxurious coat with blue – orange – yellow colors is also ton-sur-ton with the blazer of the vocalist Levitating. But from a distance, it looks quite similar to a lion’s fur, true to the zodiac image of Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa celebrates birthday with boyfriend Anwar Hadid, and future sister-in-law Bella Hadid. Photo: Instagram @dualipa

Dua Lipa completed the look with classic black sneakers. Overall, the outfit looks both powerful, sexy, and dynamic. Just like her image in public. The caption line: “I’m a Leo, you know it by looking at it” affirms the sassy, ​​rebellious personality and likes to be the center of a crowd of people of this zodiac sign.

The fashion of wearing a blazer over a bra

The fashion of wearing bras with blazers has long been loved by many celebrities. This is a daring combination that breaks fashion standards when combining two seemingly incompatible items: one closed – one open. One polite – one relaxed. However, when properly coordinated, the stars easily attract all eyes when dressing up in this style.

Dua Lipa

Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.

Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner are some typical names who love to mix blazer and bralette. During an event at The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast in New York, Emily Ratajkowski wore a white bralette. She wears a brown outerwear and an active black bikeshort. The blazer creates an elegant and elegant look for the outfit.


Megan Fox wears a blazer from Alex Perry, Flared-Leg pants, and a satin silk bralette by Duchess. She teamed it with Stuart Weitzman sandals. Photo: Splash News.

Recently, on Megan Fox’s 35th birthday, the actress also wore a bright red power suit. She unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a very sexy ton-sur-ton red bra inside. This combination helps to create a look of power, while cleverly showing off the sexy beauty of the wearer. If you’re confident about your measurements, go for this bold style of dress.

Fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

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