Diving into Gal Gadot’s Perspective on ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and her Acting Choices | Exclusive Interview with MTV News

Gal Gadot discusses ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and her criteria for selecting roles in an interview with MTV News.

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During a recent chat with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz, Gal Gadot shared insights into her time filming “Wonder Woman 1984,” her bonds with co-stars Kristen Wiig and Patty Jenkins, and her criteria when choosing a role.
The conversation began with Gadot reflecting on the surreal experience of donning the iconic Wonder Woman costume. She mentioned how her daughter recognizes the character’s significance and often requests to wear the outfit herself.
Gadot couldn’t help but praise director Patty Jenkins for her exceptional vision and leadership on set. She commended Jenkins for fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere that enabled the cast and crew to shine.
The nostalgic ’80s setting of “Wonder Woman 1984” was a source of excitement for Gadot. She spoke fondly of how the era influenced her character and the film’s overall vibe.
Forming a friendship with Kristen Wiig, who portrays the villain Cheetah, was another high point for Gadot. She applauded Wiig’s talents and professionalism, hinting at a potential comedic collaboration in the future.
When asked about returning to comedy, Gadot expressed interest in exploring diverse genres and challenging herself as an actress, without confirming a definite return to the genre.
Gadot also discussed Wonder Woman’s new iconic armor in the film, the upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League,” and the possibility of a third Wonder Woman installment.
Beyond her superhero roles, Gadot teased forthcoming projects such as “Red Notice” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, as well as the highly-anticipated film “Cleopatra.”
Throughout the interview, Gadot emphasized her passion for portraying roles that are both demanding and significant to her. She stressed the importance of connecting deeply with characters and bringing a unique touch to each performance.
As the interview drew to a close, Gadot reflected on key moments in her career that felt surreal, expressing gratitude for the opportunities and remarkable experiences she has encountered.
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