“Chilly weather calls for a ‘furkini’: Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in a playful snow photoshoot captured by husband Kanye West”

It’s highly unlikely to find many people interested in purchasing a fur bikini. However, Kim Kardashian demonstrated the practicality of such an apparently unfeasible article of clothing as she frolicked in the snow donning her “furkini.”

After meticulously removing every hair from her tanned skin, the stunning woman used a thick layer of fur to protect her intimate areas from freezing. However, it appears that the scanty furkini she was wearing wouldn’t suffice to keep the rest of her gorgeous figure warm, as it only covered a few inches of her voluptuous curves. The 34-year-old shared a series of photos on social media, flaunting her long brown hair in a seductive manner against a snowy background.

In a tweet, she exclaimed “Baby it’s cold outside!” while flaunting her unique attire- a furkini! The credit for this fashion experiment goes to none other than the style aficionado Kanye West, who also took the pictures himself. It seems like she drew inspiration from Raquel Welch’s iconic fur bikini from the movie One Million Years B.C. back in 1966.

Although it may seem unconventional, Kim’s choice of wearing a bikini made of fur is not surprising considering her known love for the material. In fact, she has been targeted by anti-fur protesters before due to the excessive amount of fur she wears. However, this criticism has not deterred her from continuing to wear it. Fortunately, for this particular outfit, only a minimal amount of fur was used. Kim recently shared a photo shoot on Instagram after returning from a snowy vacation with her husband and friends. Throughout the trip, she shared numerous photos of her skiing adventures with Kanye as well as a group photo with seven of her old friends.

Kim shared with her Instagram followers about the fantastic 24-hour skiing trip she had with eight couples who are all her best friends from childhood. She did not reveal their identities as she respects their privacy, but posted a photo to commemorate the event. It is possible that Kim’s decision to share her bikini photos was influenced by the post of Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose on Instagram.

This week, the famous hip-hop icon, who was once in a relationship with rapper Kanye for two years, flaunted her unique physique in a collection of bikinis. Among them, the one that caught everyone’s attention was a black string bikini that was strategically positioned. Due to this, she has gained the title of the new Instagram Queen, which might not be well-received by Kim.

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