Beachside Bliss: Scarlett Johansson Finds Love with Nate Naylor as they Explore the Coastline’s Breathtaking Scenery and Curves

It looks like Scarlett Johansson is not keeping her romance with Nate Naylor under wraps anymore. The two have reportedly been together for six months now, but they were recently seen showing some PDA on a Hawaiian beach. It’s no wonder Naylor, who works in advertising, was attracted to Johansson’s gorgeous bikini body.

Bikini babe: Scarlett Johansson shows off her curves in Hawaii today

On her recent trip to Hawaii, Scarlett Johansson was seen showing off her gorgeous figure in a striking blue two-piece swimsuit as she soaked up the sun. To shield her eyes from the bright sunshine, the 27-year-old actress wore trendy hipster sunglasses. While enjoying a day out with her friends, Scarlett’s new boyfriend Nate couldn’t resist kissing her passionately on the beach. It was clear that the actress was smitten with her lover throughout their vacation.

Creating some steam heat in Hawaii: Scarlett and boyfriend Nate Naylor indulge in a little PDA session

Things are heating up in Hawaii as Scarlett Johansson and her partner Nate Naylor were spotted cuddling in public.

Sweet move: The 27-year-old actress' man gives her a head rub while she takes a little beach nap

The beautiful 27-year-old actress was pleasantly surprised by her partner’s act of kindness as he massaged her head while she dozed off on the beach. She took a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean, gaining some alone time. The starlet seems to have found true happiness and peace in the company of her new beau, who is not a celebrity. As a result, she has chosen to keep her relationship low-key and away from public scrutiny.

Showing her stuff: The actress showed off her fabulous curves in a little electric blue bikini

Flaunting her curves: The artist showed off her gorgeous physique in a fashionable two-piece swimsuit in an eye-catching electric blue hue.

Fierce face: It looks like Scarlett's dip in the ocean might have been a wee bit cold

Scarlett appeared to have experienced a cold time during her recent sea swim, as seen on her fierce facial expression. Although she is a thriving ad executive in New York City, her current partner doesn’t quite catch the attention like her well-known ex-husbands such as Ryan Reynolds or ex-boyfriends like Sean Penn. Reports suggest that they are keeping their relationship low-key, which is something that Scarlett appreciates about him. Speculations also claim that the two have a real bond between them.

A rear view: Men love Scarlett from top to bottom

Upon reflection: Scarlett is adored by men in every way possible.

Why the pout? The stunning star doesn't look entirely overjoyed though she's with her new man in Hawaii

Why does the stunning star look so down? Despite being on vacation in Hawaii with her new partner, Scarlett doesn’t appear to be happy. Nate is the first person she’s been romantically involved with since her split from Penn, who was 51 years old, lasting for five months. In June, Scarlett’s divorce from Reynolds – who is 35 – was finalized. The couple had tied the knot in September 2008 but parted ways in December 2010. These days, Reynolds is dating Blake Lively, his co-star from The Green Lantern (2011) and known for her role in Gossip Girl.

Hawaiian holiday: The star is in Hawaii with her boyfriend and a few friends

Currently, the famous individual is basking in the delightful Hawaiian climate alongside her significant other and a few close friends.

The ScarJo smile: The actress seemed to be in better spirits moments later

ScarJo’s smile: Not long after, the actress seemed to be feeling more positive.

Water nymph: This is how the Avengers starlet cooled off from her steamy PDA session

After a steamy public display of affection, the Avengers’ actress decided to cool off in a creative way by transforming into a water nymph and diving into the refreshing water.

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