As If Magazine Features Scarlett Johansson’s Stunning Retro Spread

In a recent cover story for As If magazine, Scarlett Johansson opened up about her successful career as an actress and the emergence of politically correct casting. The 34-year-old star graced the pages of the spring/summer 2019 issue, looking stunning in a vintage-inspired photo shoot. Art director David Salle and Peter Hidalgo created three unique dresses for the limited edition shoot, which captured the mod vibe perfectly.

Scarlett Johansson recently shared her thoughts on political correctness in casting and her impressive acting career in an exclusive As If magazine cover story. In the vintage-inspired photoshoot, the actress can be seen donning retro outfits and old Hollywood-style coiffed curls, posing against a backdrop of modern clip art. Despite the changing landscape of the industry, the talented actress remains dedicated to her craft, showcasing her versatility and range of emotions in the shoot. In fact, she even admitted that she would continue acting even if the pay was negligible, highlighting her passion and love for what she does.

Impressive: Peter Hidalgo and art director David Salle teamed up to design three exclusive limited-edition dresses, which served as the inspiration for the mod-themed photo shoot.

Scarlett was stunning in a dress that was made specifically for her. She expressed how much she enjoys her job and how it has become a significant priority in her life. Despite this, she couldn’t help but acknowledge the glamorous perks that come with being an actress. Scarlett revealed that acting is a highly profitable profession and she can often dine at restaurants without having to make a reservation, which is a huge benefit. While the shoot was fun and lively, Scarlett spoke candidly about her acting career during the interview.

Scarlett revealed that she is truly passionate about acting, stating that even if it didn’t pay much, she would still be more than willing to pursue her career in the field. She affirmed that truthfully, acting brings her immense joy and satisfaction that monetary compensation cannot compare to.

In a candid display, the 34-year-old actress shared both the highs and lows of her experiences working in the film industry. Recalling a particularly difficult time on the set of Under the Skin with director Jonathan Glazer, she expressed her distress about his behavior towards her. Her character was constantly wet during filming due to the rainy and snowy weather conditions, prompting the costume director to provide her with a warming jacket between takes. However, Glazer ordered the costume director to discontinue this practice, causing frustration for the actress. She humorously recounted shooting daggers at Glazer with her eyes and thinking about how she would like to harm him.

Difficult Moments: Director Jonathan Glazer once asked the costume director to refrain from providing Scarlett a warm jacket in between filming to ensure she was experiencing the chilliness.

The topic at hand is a sensitive one, as she discussed the issue of “political correctness” in casting. However, she did not explicitly mention her controversial casting in Rub Tug. She expressed her belief that, as an actor, she should have the freedom to play any role, human or otherwise, as it is part of her job. She acknowledged that there is a growing trend in the industry toward more socially conscious casting, but also noted that this can sometimes limit artistic expression. Ultimately, she feels that society would benefit from allowing individuals to have their own opinions and feelings without imposing them on others.

The actress confidently expressed her belief that her profession as an actor should grant her the freedom to portray any character, be it a human, an animal or even a tree. She emphasized that it is part of her job and therefore, should not be restricted.

In my industry, it seems like embracing certain social movements has become popular and necessary, but I believe that art should be unrestricted. Although I do feel uncomfortable when these movements start to affect the art itself. As someone in front of the camera, I often find that the final product differs from the movie I thought I was making. It’s rare that it turns out exactly how I envisioned it. This can be both devastating and pleasantly surprising. Additionally, the way I approach a role or character is not always interpreted by viewers in the same way. Take my role in Lost in Translation for example, most people think it’s about a stranger in a strange land.

It’s always a surprise for this seasoned star who has spent much of her life in the industry. As someone who’s often in front of the camera, she admits that she rarely ends up with the movie she envisioned. Take, for instance, Lost in Translation. The film was so specific to a young woman’s loss of innocence and the profound relationship she had with a stranger, making the experience transformative. For her, it was more about the connection between her character and Bill Murray’s character than being in an unfamiliar place. Being in a foreign land allowed her to gain a perspective on her life that she wouldn’t have had if she were in familiar surroundings, suffocated by people’s expectations.

For me, Lost in Translation was a movie that resonated with the experience of a young woman losing her innocence. The relationship between the protagonist and a stranger transformed her, and it was a powerful theme that stayed with me. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Scarlett Johansson and David Salle on a celebrity shoot, which turned into an incredible creative partnership. It was amazing to see Scarlett’s enthusiasm for this unique project directed by David’s unparalleled vision. As a photographer, it was a privilege to be part of this collaboration. The result was a mesmerizing art and fashion editorial that showcased Scarlett living within Salle’s paintings. We also created limited-edition dresses that are sure to become museum pieces in the future.

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