A Joyful Occasion! Scarlett Johansson Grins Ear-to-Ear While Launching Her Very Own Popcorn Boutique in Paris

Scarlett Johansson had her wish fulfilled on Saturday with the soft opening of her new popcorn store, Yummy Pop, in Paris. The actress was thrilled as she served popcorn with a beaming smile to the eager crowd that had gathered for the launch.

Thrilled: Scarlett Johansson was beaming with excitement as she handed out popcorn during the grand opening of Yummy Pop, the popcorn shop she co-owns with her husband Romain Dauriac, in Paris, France over the weekend.

The star of The Avengers, Scarlett, showed that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty as she participated in scooping popcorn during the shop’s soft opening event. Scarlett wore an apron from Yummy Pop in white and blue over a long-sleeved navy blue and white striped T-shirt while keeping her blonde tresses straight and brushed back. She opted for light makeup, wearing only a touch of light pink lipstick. Also present during the event was Scarlett’s husband Romain Dauriac, with whom she shares the business venture.

Scarlett’s face lit up with excitement as she proudly displayed her quirky Yummy Pop bag adorned with festive red, white, and blue decorations.

The whole gang is present! Scarlett was spotted at the opening event with her husband Romain and Victoria Chevalier.

With pure joy on her face, the attractive blonde threw her head back and laughed heartily upon receiving a charming bouquet of corn. On the other hand, the individual wearing black jeans chose a black and white striped pattern for the opening event. A massive gathering eagerly waited outside the popcorn shop as it opened its doors for business on Saturday. Additionally, Keanu Reeves has left Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream project, which had been in the works for 13 years, without any fuss. Scarlett and Romain have revealed that they intend to open more shops if their Marais-based store proves to be successful.

What a way to rejoice! Scarlett’s grin was apparent throughout the grand launch of the store.

Approachable to fans: With a smile on her face, the woman who has a child, happily took a picture with a fan during the store’s trial opening.

Scarlett is excited to finally bring her family’s favorite American snack to Europe by opening a gourmet popcorn shop in Paris called Yummy Pop. According to her statement, Scarlett and her family have been dreaming of this moment for years. She hopes that Yummy Pop will become a popular snacking destination in Paris and a symbol of the friendship between her two favorite cities, New York and Paris. Scarlett plans to personally serve customers herself and recommends the truffle, Parmesan, and sage as her favorite gourmet flavor.

What a crowd! It seemed like everyone was eager to get into Scarlett’s cute store.

Not too shabby for a soft opening! It seems like Romain and Scarlett may consider expanding their business to additional locations, since the turnout on Saturday was quite impressive.

Great news! Yummy Pop attracted a huge crowd outside their shop eager to catch a glimpse of the celebrity and her delicious snacks. The store prepares their popcorn using fresh ingredients that change according to the season. They offer unique flavors such as ‘authentic Vermont cheddar.’ The duo worked with Chef Will Horowitz from Harry and Ida’s and Ducks Eatery in New York to create their menu.

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